Attic and Ceiling Insulation Richland WA

Proper insulation saves money and increases the value and comfort of your home in Richland, WA. Your attic and ceiling are an essential part of the equation. Read on to learn what the professionals know and do something to improve your home’s insulation. Below you will find references for local contractors that specialize on insulation and other home improvement and repair needs.

Home Depot The
(253) 851-9404
5120 Borgen Blvd Nw Unit Main
Gig Harbor, WA
Inex Finish LLC
(253) 851-1902
9321 158th Street Ct Nw
Gig Harbor, WA
B&S Drywall
(360) 920-5667
2638 Humboldt St
Bellingham, WA
Wood’s Logging Supply Inc
(360) 855-0331
103 State Street
Sedro-Woolley, WA
Barton Drywall
(425) 433-0926
18915 276th Ave Se
Issaquah, WA
Ellner Julie Dr
(206) 275-2122
2553 76th Ave Se
Mercer Island, WA
Arne Hettman Excavating Inc.
(509) 773-5276
232 Winterstein Rd
Goldendale, WA
Rock Doc Drywall Repair Llc
(253) 853-6658
15830 118th Street Kp N
Gig Harbor, WA
(425) 672-8558
21124 Pioneer Way
Edmonds, WA
Valley Drywall Inc
(360) 856-2845
9034 Collins Rd
Redmond, WA

Attic and Ceiling Insulation

Insulated Attics & Ceilings

Insulated Attics & Ceilings
Spend $600 now and SAVE $120 each year... ROI = 20%


Insulate your ceilings to R-49. Install vapor retarders in non-vented framed ceilings. Since heat travels from the warmer to the colder parts of any system, a properly insulated home will cut back the flow of heat to the outside via your attic. As well, the same insulation will keep your house cooler in the summertime.

Select a 'Formaldehyde-Free' insulation to save on air quality and health, and you can now buy green insulation made from materials like recyclable blue jeans, newspapers, or other cellulose materials, and soy, cotton or sheep wool batting.

The ROI Calculation is based on saving $10 a month over the course of the year.


Spray foam, cellulose, and rigid insulation have a high insulation value than the roll-out batt insulation so weigh your options relative to cost before making a purchase or signing a contract. Also look for recycled materials like denim and soy based foam to help the environment as well as your wallet.


Insulate and air seal the attic entrance- Whether you have a pull down ladder, push up hatch, knee wall panel or permanent staircase, it has enough surface area and air leaks at exactly the right high point in your house to cause $50 to $250 a year or more in wasted heating and cooling costs. Get a kit that insulates the opening to at least R-30 (if the area above the opening is restricted) or R-38 elsewhere. Knee wall panels require the same level of insulation as the walls (which is only one half the R-value of insulation in the attic). Kits for knee walls and hatches are less than $150 and ladder covers are under $225 and less than $300 for staircases, but the savings come in just a couple of years it not less. See the range of attic entrance products Click Here Enter promo code: GREENandSAVE to save 10%.


Proper Ridge and Soffit Ventilation– For attics, use the laws of nature to reduce your energy bills rather than using electricity for a fan. With full length and well functioning ridge and soffit vents, Bernoulli's principle helps you increase the air flow out of your attic. Air and fluid speed increases when moving from a region of higher pressure to a region of lower pressure, so you can literally 'flush' your attic for free at a rate of 1,500 cubic feet per minute with every 30 feet of ridge venting, even on a day without much outside wind at all. This approach is far more effective than gable end fans or vents. Many homes have some form of this 'passive' Ridge/Soffit system already built in, but the cost to fix or optimize it is entirely subject to the condition of the home.


Radiant Barriers- Hot air rises through attics, so you can use the space between the rafters to guide the air up and out of your house in the summer. The radiant barrier tactic involves stapling roll out foil material across the rafters to trap the air in a 'chase' and gui...

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