Composite and Recycled Deck Resources in Alabaster AL

Decks made from recycled material and saw dust last five times as long as wood, a and they look great without the maintenance or splinters. Read on.

Red Rain: Environmental General Store
2803 18th St S
Homewood, AL

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Choice Walls Waterproofing
(205) 988-8125
151 Airpark Industrial Rd
Alabaster, AL
Authentic Building Company
(205) 620-2001
138 5th Ave Ne
Alabaster, AL
Adams Homes
(205) 620-5722
332 Vincent St
Alabaster, AL
Carter Home Builders
(205) 664-1989
243 Applegate Trce
Alabaster, AL
B E & K Warehouse
(205) 663-4545
Highway 31 S
Alabaster, AL
A & G Construction Services
(205) 621-2923
1211 1st St N
Alabaster, AL
Mcdanal Electric Co Inc
(205) 664-2423
309 Carriage Ln
Alabaster, AL
Homes Perfections General Contractors Inc
(205) 663-9832
100 Wellington Manor Ct
Alabaster, AL
Contracting Specialists Inc
(205) 620-4507
110 Longview Cir
Alabaster, AL
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Composite and Recycled Deck Resources in


Spend $899 now and SAVE $138 each year... ROI = 15.4%


Choose a deck that is made from composite recycled materials. Significant advances have been made, and they look and work great without any splinters or the need to treat them with toxic materials. A deck made of recycled materials can last up to five times as long as wood decks. With a 25 year limited warranty, you save significantly over wood.

Composite decking generally costs more than wood. The labor is about the same, but the estimated material costs for about a 200 sq foot deck (12-by-16) deck built with typical pressure-treated wood would cost $488, and cedar would cost $1,150, and while composite materials may cost $1,387, The average annual maintenance costs over ten years is only $62 for composites vs. $300 for wood decks in part given the need for more repairs over time.

The ROI Calculation is based on the added cost over a typical pressure treated 200 sq. ft. deck.

The composite decking material industry
has ‘grown’ dramatically in part because
they have developed products that
effectively simulate wood grain and
texture, like the upper photo. If you
choose real wood, look for sustainable
growth timber with the ‘FSC’ logo
representing wood that is qualified by
the Forest Stewardship Council.

Compare the Top Composite
Decking Companies - For TREX:

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