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Bowling Green, KY
Hendrick Quentin Refurbish Wood Floors
(270) 793-0808
3522 Barren River Rd
Bowling Green, KY
The Flooring Hubb
(270) 782-7890
1224 Indianola St
Bowling Green, KY
Floor Pros
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823 Lain Ave
Bowling Green, KY
L V L Painting Services Incorporated
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2762 Cedar Grove Church Rd
Brownsville, KY
Woodworks The
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340 New Porter Pike Rd
Bowling Green, KY
Thanhs Hardwood Floor
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414 Trent Way
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Ramsey Floor Service
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924 Woodford Ave
Bowling Green, KY
Conrad Floors
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190 E 6th St
Smiths Grove, KY
Sullivan Hardwood Flooring
(270) 237-3740
531 Smith Grove Rd
Scottsville, KY

Cork Floors

Cork Floors

Cork Floors
Spend $525 now and SAVE $105 each year... ROI = 20%


Renewable flooring like Cork costs less than hardwood and looks great. The bark from the Cork tree is pealed off allowing the tree to re-grow another layer for the next house. "Floating" systems have as layer of support underneath the cork with in pre-urethaned finishes to save you time and money on the top coat.

Note that when comparing prices against hard wood, American oak is often cured longer and has less potential to buckle than cheaper imports that cost less than $5 / sq. ft. Cork costs about $3.50 / sq. ft. so the immediate savings on a 300 sq.ft. room (20' x 15' ) is about $450.

Consider cork for guest rooms, dens, home offices, or play rooms. If you buy the easy 'snap-ins', you can do it yourself and use a $.50 / Sq. ft. underlayment for increased 'cushioning' and moisture barrier. You can also consider using cork instead of carpet. Installed carper ranges from $1.25 to $2.50 per sq. ft. but you have to clean and potentially replace it every 5 to 10 years depending on wear.

The savings is immediate relative to wood, but the ROI Calculation is based on carpet at an average of $1.75 / sq. ft. for Two 300 sq. ft. rooms with a carpet replacement within 10 years.

Add beautiful natural floors to a room, and create a weekend project.


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