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Design Lighting & Electric
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North Andover, MA
Lighting Fixtures Retail, Light Bulbs & Tubes Wholesale & Manufacturers, Lamp & Lamp Shade Parts & Supplies Retail, Electric Equipment & Supplies Job Lots
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Environmental Technology Center
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PO Box 423
East Boston, MA
Audio / Video, Home Automation / Systems Integration / Home Networking, Home Theater, Lighting Control, Security / Access Control / Surveillance / Gate Access
AI, Control4, Crestron, B&K, Bose, Boston Acoustics, Da-Lite, DSC, First Impressions, GE Security, Genelec, HomeTouch, LiteTouch, Meridian, Panasonic, Pioneer Elite, Request Multimedia, Runco, InFocus, Sharp, Thiel, Vodavi, Xperinet more!
One or more employees at this company have achieved CEDIA Professional Certification status:- Kevin Keenan, CEDIA Certified Professional Designer, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- David Shulman, CEDIA Certified Professional Designer

Light This!
(617) 227-6920
256 Hanover Street
Boston, MA
Steffian Bradley Associates, Inc.
(617) 305-7100
100 Summer Street
Boston, MA
William Lam Inc.
(617) 576-4662
12 Hawthorn Street
Cambridge, MA
NorthShore Audio/Video Inc.
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P. O. Box 4432
Peabody, MA
Home Automation / Systems Integration / Home Networking, Home Theater, Lighting Control, Multi-Room Audio, Telephone Systems
Crestron Electronics,Denon Home,Niles Audio,Boston Acoustics,Snell Acoustics,Sim2USA,Stewart Filmscreen,Audio/VideoRequest, Samsung,Parasound,Planet Waves, Panasonic Phone Systems,Universal Remote,Baker Road Furniture,Salamander Designs
One or more employees at this company have achieved CEDIA Professional Certification status:- Bradley Cutler, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II- Harold Wallace, CEDIA Certified Professional EST II

Light Insight Design Studio
(617) 268-1122
318 W. 2nd Street Suite 2
Boston, MA
Lewis Lighting Design
(857) 816-3663
74 Marshall Street # 1
Medford, MA
Light This
(617) 229-5190 (403)
One Broadway 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA
Lam Partners, Inc.
(617) 354-4502
84 Sherman Street
Cambridge, MA

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

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Kitchen Lighting

The best energy-efficient way to light your kitchen is to maximize the amount of natural light coming in. Unless you are building your kitchen from scratch or doing extensive remodeling, you don’t have much control over the size and placement of windows. However, your choice of window treatments can have a significant effect on the natural light element of your kitchen lighting.

Another way to increase the amount of natural light in your kitchen is to install a tubular skylight . These skylights fit in between the rafters and ceiling joists of your home with no structural modification. The natural light is directed through a dome on the roof, down a reflective tube to a diffuser and into your home. There are no ultraviolet rays with a tubular skylight, so there is no fading of furniture or flooring that you would get with a traditional skylight.

Tubular skylights are less expensive than a tradional skylight but share the same restrictions, i.e. they can only be installed on a single-level home or the top story of a multi-level home.

The easiest way to make your kitchen lighting more energy efficient is to replace any incandescent lighting with compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs). These now come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not just the bare spiral or tube styles. You can find more information on CFL bulb styles on the Energy Star website.

Recessed ceiling lights commonly come with incandescent bulbs, so they use more energy, generate more heat, and cost more to operate than CFLs. You can use CFL reflector bulbs instead for your recessed kitchen lighting. Make sure the CFL you use is labeled as suitable for use in enclosed fixtures.

Under-cabinet kitchen lights are out of sight and positioned to minimize shadowing on countertops. Ensure...

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Overview on Lighting

Overview on Lighting

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The right home improvement products, techniques, and services:
Contractors, home improvement stores, and specialty shops in your area may not yet have a complete familiarity with the ‘green’ opportunities, products, system integration, and overall savings potential. So, you may get some resistance, since people in general are typically more comfortable recommending something that they are already familiar with rather than something new. To help break the inertia, use the information across this website like our Return on Investment Master ROI Table . Also feel free to post a question in our forum on the message board about a particular need for your home relative to your area. Our team has spent multiple years aggregating research from public and private sector performance reports and from manufacturers and homeowners across the country in order to provide you with the perspective you may need to see the initial payback and long term advantages. Environmental enthusiasts and leading institutions like the American Institute of Architects and the National Association of Realtors, see the value and link into our resources to support their members.

The Green Home:
For your overall home improvement, you can save money, improve your family’s health, and save the planet. Find out for free how much it will cost to do different types of home improvement in your home from a qualified and member approved contractor in your area. Get a FREE Quote . Plus, regardless of the size and scope of your home improvement project, save money and keep your home clean with the top rated chemical free and concentrated Green Home Cleaning Products .

Category Checklist:
Make sure to consider the latest Home Improvement products and services. If you are doing the work yourself or planning on working with a home improvement contractor use this checklist below as a guide to review and ask questions about the preferred products, details, and installation techniques related to:
  1. Emergency Lighting: Flashlights and Generators
  2. Home Lighting: Daylighting, Energy Star Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Lighting Design and Lighting Principles & Terms, Energy Star Lighting, Lighting Design, and Lighting Types.
  3. Light Bulbs: Compact Fluorescent Lighting, Hallogen Light Bulbs, Incandescent Light Bulbs and, LED Light Bulbs.
  4. Light Fixtures: Ceiling Lights, Chandeliers, Floor Lamps, Holiday Lights and Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting, Pendant Lighting, Replacing Lamps & Ballasts, Table Lamps, Solar Lights, Table Lamps, Track Lighting, and Wall Sconces.
  5. Light Switches: 2-Way Light Switches, 3-Way Light Switches, Dimmers, Landscape Lighting and Lighting Controls, Motion Sensor Lighting, Photo Cell Lighting, Remote Control Lighting, and Solar Garden Lights.
  6. Outdoor Lighting: Garden Lighting and Low Voltage Lighting.

  7. Tips on Lighti...

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