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Safari Nzuri
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Cyndi's Cruise & Travel
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Juneau, AK
Phillips Cruises & Tours LLC
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Anchorage, AK
Santa's Vagabond Travel
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Fairbanks, AK
Alaska's Best Travel
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Kenai, AK
Paradise Beach Tanning
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Travel Experts
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Paradise Beach Tanning
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Last Frontier Diving
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Asia Travel LLC
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Eco-Vacations: Great Trips that Won�t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket, or the Ozone Layer

Eco-Vacations: Great Trips that Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket, or the Ozone Layer

By Adam Eisman and the Great Green Home Show,
Posted on Sunday 8th March 2009
Eco-Vacations: Great Trips that Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket, or the Ozone Layer. Source:
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As the weather warms and the winter cold is shook loose, it may be time to start gearing up for a little rest and relaxation. When planning a trip, one should definitely consider the price attached for travel and hotels, but something that is often overlooked is the impact that trips have on the environment. Whether it is the fuel needed to transport you and your family to exotic destinations or the carbon footprint one leaves at their destination, there are plenty of ways to get out there for some fun and sun without breaking the Eco-Bank.

Here are GREENandSAVE’s top 7 Eco-Trips that are not prohibitive in cost, but are more enjoyable than the run-of-the-mill vacation you may be used to.

  • Alaska is known as the Last Frontier State, and what it lacks in proximity, it more than makes up for in pristine natural settings. While in Alaska, one may find themselves enjoying a day of rafting down one of its rivers, ice climbing while you still can, or simply taking in animals in their habitat on a guided bear, moose, whale or bird-watching tour.
  • The Grand Canyon is a tourist destination for many Americans, as it is home to a testament of the American will. The Hoover Dam was built at a time in history that bears a striking resemblance to the present. The massive project was a version of Man’s Triumph over nature that instilled confidence in many, while providing a service to millions. I’m asking you to ignore all that. Instead, while at the Grand Canyon, why not visit a ghost town in order to understand unsustainable practices. There are also more physically demanding activities like bike riding, river tubing, and horseback riding that will be sure to quench your adventurous thirsts.
  • Maine is a place that is often overlooked by travelers, but there is a good reason to visit. Maine rivals the Pacific Northwest with respect to whale watching, and while at the northernmost part of the Eastern Seaboard, why not take advantage of a whale-watching cruise. They also have cruises for bird-watchers, if that’s your bag.
  • For better and worse, the United States has a rich Native American history. The entire country is steeped in ancient tribal traditions that have either been largely watered down, or entirely eroded. Take a deeper look at some places you might not have considered that interesting, such as areas of South Dakota and the Black Hills which were the domain of the Sioux Indians not too long ago. Guided tours from by Native Americans may open your eyes to what once was, and what could be again. You will undoubtedly have a str...

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