Finishes Fountain Inn SC

Finishing touches like floors, windows and walls are all things that will make your house feel like your home. These are all aspects of home remodeling that can also help you conserve energy and be more eco-friendly everyday--read on to learn how.

Bamboo Flooring Information Fountain Inn SC

Bamboo offers durability, great style, and simply costs less than typical wood. Now you can price it competitively against carpet.

Double Wall Insulation Fountain Inn SC

Insulating your home is a rewarding investment in Fountain Inn, SC. Save money on energy bills and enjoy the comfort of a properly insulated home. Here you will learn the benefits of double wall insulation. You will also find local references for professional drywall and insulation contractors and general construction contractors. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience and improve the quality of your home.

Everything about Skylights Fountain Inn SC

Skylights create an enviable ambiance in your home, improve lighting quality and save you money in Fountain Inn, SC. They visually enhance your home. As the sun moves across the sky, you will see how the light accents different interior features at different times of day. Don’t wait any longer. Satisfy your desire to include skylights in your home. Below you will find local resources for window, glass and door contractors. Also find references for window tinting and glass and metal work.

Everything about Sun Tubes Fountain Inn SC

Sun tubes are great when a skylight will not work due to an attic or obstructions, and the light fills the room, naturally. Read more.

Office Sun Tubes Fountain Inn SC

Bring light into upper level rooms that do not have windows or skylight access. The interior of the 'tube' magnifies the light so that the fixture in the ceiling looks like there is actually a bulb inside. New employees may actually look for a light switch to turn it off when they leave a bathroom or supply room. The ROI Calculation is based on 14" diameter. Flexible or rigid tubing allows the unit to go around virtually any attic obstructions unlike other lighting systems, which saves you money.

Office Window Treatments Fountain Inn SC

When it comes to heat loss in the winter, energy savings can come with 'Thermal' curtains that let the light in but keep the heat from getting out. Consider high insulation translucent curtains and also environmentally friendly, toxic free fabrics.

Window Treatment Product Resources in Fountain Inn SC

According to the Department of Energy (DOE), 25% of the energy used to heat and cool homes goes right out the window. Make sure to check out products with Sun Shades and Honeycombs for energy savings. Consider high insulation curtains and environmentally friendly, toxic free fabrics like Hemp that look like linen but cost less.