Landscaping Canal Winchester OH

Landscaping your yard and garden can help you create a beautiful outdoor space and gives you an opportunity to use green products and techniques. Read on to learn more about landscaping, decking, gardening and applying green principles to the care of your home's exterior.

Agriculture Canal Winchester OH

Agriculture in Canal Winchester, OH. Local businesses and services around Canal Winchester. Find Agriculture in your area.

Composite and Recycled Deck Resources in Canal Winchester OH

Decks made from recycled material and saw dust last five times as long as wood, a and they look great without the maintenance or splinters. Read on.

Green Garden Product Resources in Canal Winchester OH

Indoor winter herb gardens make it possible to enjoy fresh herbs year round. These herbs can be grown organically, in an Earth-friendly manner. The first step is to gather all necessary materials.

Organic Pest Control Canal Winchester OH

Dandelions are one of the most delightful indicators that spring is finally on its way, they can quickly become unsightly. In a similar way, ragweed, Queen Anne’s lace, and crabgrass can all take their turns dominating your lawn as spring and summer progress. Unfortunately, many people believe that the only way to get rid of weeds and fungal infestations is to use harmful herbicides. Depending on the type of weed you are trying to control, you may not need any chemicals at all!

Pest Control Canal Winchester OH

Pest infestations are so annoying. It’s unsanitary to have an out of control problem with roaches, fleas or rats. Termites can cause intense damage if you don’t take care of it right away. Insects such as mosquitoes, spiders and ants can become an inconvenience as well. Sometimes insect repellants aren’t enough of a pest control option and it’s time to call an exterminator. Please scroll down for more information and access to the pest control experts and exterminators in Canal Winchester, OH listed below.