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Smart Scale Solutions Incorporated
(404) 355-8412
1841 Marietta Blvd Nw
Atlanta, GA
Wiggins Scale Company
(404) 346-7090
1876 Defoor Ave Nw
Atlanta, GA
Ferguson Enterprises Inc
(404) 364-6437
764 Miami Cir Ne
Atlanta, GA
Enchanted Cookies
(404) 256-3301
5300 Roswell Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA
S B M Cash Register
(770) 455-4632
3211 Shallowford Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA
Jeeves Heated Towel Rails
(404) 350-9738
1294 Logan Cir Nw
Atlanta, GA
Drexler Shower Door Co Inc
(404) 351-4141
1452 Northside Dr Nw
Atlanta, GA
Ferguson Bath Kitchen & Lighting Gallery
(404) 495-9919
764 Miami Cir Ne
Atlanta, GA
Green Glass
(770) 454-6444
5726 New Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA
Town Granite
(404) 451-6292
7017 Gables Ln
Atlanta, GA

Office Low Flow Faucets

Office Low Flow Faucets

Office Low Flow Faucets

Spend $240 now and SAVE $151 each year... ROI = 62.9%

Office Low-Flow Faucets - Low flow faucets have aerators and new technology in them to cut your water usage while maintaining the pressure. These faucets for restrooms and kitchen 'break rooms' use as much as 40% less water than conventional faucets, or about 2.5 gallons per minute compared to the 4 gallons per minute of conventional faucets.

When your employees wash their hands, you also save money by reducing the hot water heating costs since less water is running through the system. The ROI Calculation is based three $80 low-flow faucets with one for each of the men's and women's room and one in the kitchen or 'break room' for an office of ten employees. Three visits per day for ten employees adds up to 30 total visits per day, 150 per week, 600 per month and 7,200 per year. At a savings of 1.5 gallons per washing equals 10,800 gallons. At $1.50 per 1,000 gallons the water savings is just over $15 per year. This savings is only part of the story. Hot water heating, on average, is about 6% of US office energy bills, the average energy cost per employee is $586 per year bringing the hot water heating to $34 per employee per year.

Since very few offices have showers and a fraction of the hot water is used for washing dishes, the majority of hot water is used for washing hands. So, for the same office of ten employees the hot water bill averages $340 a year. With a 40% water reduction through the low flow faucets the savings add up to $136 plus the $15 in the gallons of water saved. Also look into ways to reduce the cost of heating water through Office Water Heater and Office On-Demand Water Heater.

Payback Time in Years:  Added Cost: Annual SAVINGS 5 Year SAVINGS Return on Investment (ROI):
1.6 $240 $151 $755 62.9%

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