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At GREENandSAVE, we make the planet and all of its inhabitants our top concern. That is why we would like to share with you some earth-friendly options that you can incorporate into your beauty regimen.

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Natural Beauty Product Information

The Fairest of Them All: Green Beauty Products

By Debbie Bateman,
Posted on Sunday 19th April 2009
The Fairest of Them All: Green Beauty Products
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The field of personal care products continues to grow as we as consumers constantly increase our demands for smooth-, shiny-, silky-, supple-, and softness. Be it our hair or our heels, we love products that promise to give us that newborn baby freshness. But what cost are we willing to pay in order to achieve these perfect standards? Every day more body care products are introduced to the market, and every day more risks are introduced to our bodies and our planet.

At GREENandSAVE, we make the planet and all of its inhabitants our top concern. That is why we would like to share with you some earth-friendly options that you can incorporate into your beauty regimen.

First things first, toss all of those harsh environmentally damaging products that you currently use. A vast majority of personal care products contain harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients that seep into your skin, hair, and airways. Many of these products contain carcinogens that can lead to a number of undesirable long-term side-effects. Short-term risks tend to include rashes and irritation. Say goodbye to toxic products forever and say hello to a whole new line of safe beauty products that are gentle on your body and the planet.

As knowledge and awareness of green living continues to penetrate the masses, companies everywhere are going green. The number of eco-friendly products available is resulting in monumental changes for the cosmetics industry. The new all natural alternatives are safe, healthy, and equally or more effective than their abrasive counterparts. We would like to highlight our top choice personal care companies whose early environmental efforts have left market leaders green with envy.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care offers a line of safe and effective skin care products to meet the needs of any skin type. These products are proven to moisturize, restore, calm, repair, and soothe skin using only the best ingredients. What are the best ingredients? Dr. Hauschka’s line of skin care products source the majority of their ingredients from life-supporting organic plants and minerals. The company’s ecological and ethical mindset has resulted in a methodical selection process. The extracts that they use are looked at individually, collectively-as part of their healing recipes, and on a global scale to determine the impact that they will have on the earth.

GREENandSAVE adored the Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick. Not just your standard lipstick, this moisturizer is made from plants and bees wax to deliver intense hydration to your pout. The combination invigorates, protects, and prevents future chappedness without making your lips dependent. Other all natural ingredients include jojoba...

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