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Everyone loves finding easy ways to save money around Sun City West. Here you will learn about an effective money saving technique that will leave extra dollars in your pockets. All you need to do is slightly adjust the temperature on your water heater. Life wouldn’t be the same without this essential piece of equipment. Water heaters shouldn’t be ignored. Proper maintenance insures less repairs. Below you will find local resources on installation and repair for water heaters, plumbing services and more. Take advantage of the knowledge and expertise these businesses have to offer.

Mr. Rooter
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Thunderbird Plumbing
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Phoenix Plumbers
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Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors Inc
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Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors Inc
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Niemeyer Brothers Plumbing Inc
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Glendale Associated Plumbers
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Option One Plumbing Llc
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Tom’s Plumbing & Heating Co
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12212 North 112th Avenue
Youngtown, AZ
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Beebe Plumbing
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Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Replacement
Spend $150 now and SAVE $48 each year.. ROI = 32%


Heating the water in your house accounts for about 11% of your annual energy costs. Save up to 10% in water heating costs just by setting your water heater to 120 degrees compared to a 140 degree setting. You will not feel the difference in your shower, and silverware and plates in the dishwasher will still be sterilized.

If you need to replace your water heater, consider a gas model that costs a few hundred dollars more than an electric one, but it can save you more than $100 annually on your energy bill. Also consider going solar. The majority of states offer financial incentives for using solar technologies, increasing their cost effectiveness. The $1,500 federal 'cap' on the 30% tax credit for solar water heating has been lifted with the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009 ARRA, so this provides considerable advantages for property owners.

For Water Heater replacements, the ROI Calculation is based on saving $4 a month with a high efficiency water tank.


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provides you with a 30% Tax Credit for a new Water Heater that is put into service by the end of 2010. This tax credit item is only for existing homes, not new construction, that is your primary residence and it includes the cost of materials and installation.


  1. The tax credit cap is $1,500 on collective home improvement elements other than Geo-Thermal 'Ground Source' Heat Pumps, Solar Hot Water Heating, Solar Photovoltaic, and Fuel Cell systems - which each have no cap and are eligible through 2016.
  2. The tax credits for exterior 'weatherization' improvements like windows, doors and insulation do not include the cost of installation!
  3. If you reach the $1,500 cap in 2009, you are not eligible for additional tax credits in 2010.

Choose a new Water Heater that meets these criteria to get the Tax Credit; and check products carefully, because in many cases an ENERGY STAR certification does not necessarily meet the tax credit requirements below:

Gas, Oil, Propane Hot Water Heater:

  • Must have an Energy Factor at or above .82 or a thermal efficiency rate of at least 90%.
  • Note: Not all ENERGY STAR gas storage and gas condensing water heaters will qualify for the tax credit.

All ENERGY STAR gas tankless models will qualify. For a partial list of qualifying products go to the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) .

BONUS: Water Heater Economizer

This tactic is for gas or oil fired boilers that heat your home as well as the water for your showers, sinks, and all of the other domestic needs. You may have considered installing a High Efficient Water Tank or an On Demand 'Tankless' system, but installing an Economizer will save you energy and money. Choose a device that has a microprocessor like the 'Intellicon HW' (HW stands for Hot Water). It optimizes the...

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